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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Louisiana v. Clay Shaw
2.a Transcript of the Trial of Clay Shaw
2.b Transcript of Preliminary Hearing Testimony in the Shaw Case
2.c Selected Grand Jury Testimony in the Shaw Case
2.d Witnesses Who Did Not Publicly Testify Against Clay Shaw
3. Louisiana v. Kerry Thornley
3.a Warren Commission Testimony Relevant to Kerry Thornley
3.b NODA Witnesses Against Kerry W. Thornley
3.c Other Documents Related to Thornley
4. Original Articles and Analysis
5. Other Documents and Files
6. Articles of the Era
7. Recommended Reading on the Garrison Investigation



v2.0 - January 2002

Even more than 30 years after it ended, the Jim Garrison investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has remained one of the most controversial cases on legal history.

Garrison's 1967 arrest of businessman Clay L. Shaw gave credibility to the conspiracy debate. Sadly, the conduct of the probe and the outcome of Shaw's trial ended all hope of a reckoning in the Kennedy murder until the mid-70s.

This site has been around on the 'net since December 2000, and since that time my views on Garrison's investigation have evolved considerably. I was once comfortably secure of Shaw's guilt. Now, however, I found myself to be a "Garrison agnostic." I have cleaned up much of the site—removing the individual links to the Clay Shaw trial transcript and replacing them with one single link to Dave Reitzes' fine website—in order to make the site more compact and give Dave more credit where it's due. The site is also in a transition stage, as I prepare to move it to a commercial server (rather than my web provider here in Mineral Wells, Texas) as *I* get ready to move to Lubbock, Texas for college.

My feeling now is that much of Jim Garrison's case against Clay Shaw was smoke and mirrors. Garrison, disturbed by the untimely death of David W. Ferrie, arrested Shaw in haste based solely on the testimony of Perry R. Russo. Garrison believed Russo (as I do, within certain limitations—Russo was telling the truth as he knew it, but his knowledge did not implicate Shaw, nor can we realistically conclude that his identification of "Leon Oswald" as Lee Harvey Oswald was accurate), who nevertheless proved a difficult witness because of his erratic personality. Garrison added to his case lying witnesses Vernon Bundy and Charles I. Spiessel, as well as the disreputable Clyde Johnson, out of expediency before gathering (in my opinion reliable) evidence that Shaw had perjured himself regarding his alleged alias and his association with Ferrie and the alleged assassin Oswald.

Garrison repeatedly told Harold Weisberg that the "smoking gun" evidence would be revealed at Shaw's trial, but when the trial came, the gun did not smoke.

It is also my opinion that Garrison's charges against Kerry W. Thornley and Dean Andrews had substantial merit and that Garrison was quite justified in bringing them.

Undoubtedly, some will disagree with me. But that is the nature of a reasonable debate, and in an objective search for the truth multiple viewpoints most be considered. For what it is worth, the purpose of this site is not to project my opinions, but rather to collect for posterity that true documentary record of the Garrison case. All users, from novice to expert researcher, and of all points of view, should find this site useful.

With that in mind, let the debate begin!

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Evidence - Shaw

On March 1, 1967, Clay Shaw was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. Shaw was tried during the February of 1969 and acquitted of all charges the first day of March, two years to the day from his arrest. The State alleged that during the summer of 1963, Shaw conspired with David W. Ferrie, ace pilot and alleged anti-Castro soldier of fortune, and Lee Harvey Oswald during a meeting at Ferrie's apartment at 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway. Their case hinged on the crucial testimony of Perry Raymond Russo.


Trial Transcript - Louisiana v. Clay Shaw

Available online courtesy of Dave Reitzes

Click Here

Preliminary Hearing Transcript - Louisiana v. Clay Shaw

Available online courtesy of Dave Reitzes


Frank Hayward
Peter Schuster
John F. Reilly
Perry Raymond Russo
Antonio Edward Papale
Frank Joseph Stass
James J. Kenny
Endicott A. Batchelder
Perry Raymond Russo, resumed
Dwight W. Martin
Julian L. Levey
Perry Raymond Russo, resumed
Harold Jerome Lidin
Perry Raymond Russo, resumed
Nicholas J. Chetta
C. W. Johnson
Nicholas J. Chetta, resumed
Esmond A. Fatter
Vernon J. Bundy, Jr.

Final arguments

Transcript of Jim Kemp interview with Perry Raymond Russo
March 1, 1967


Selected Transcripts of Testimony Before the Orleans Parish Grand Jury

Available online courtesy of Dave Reitzes


Witnesses in order of appearance:

March 16, 1967
Dean A. Andrews, Jr.
Dean A. Andrews, Jr. (resumed)
Thomas Louis Clark
Fenner O. Sedgebeer

March 22, 1967
Perry Raymond Russo

March 27, 1967
Perry Raymond Russo

June 28, 1967
Dean A. Andrews, Jr.
Eugene C. Davis (Gene Davis)


Witnesses Who Did Not Testify at Trial


Niles Peterson
Clyde Johnson
Ed McMillan
Richard Case Nagell
J. Monroe Sullivan
William Morris
Raymond Broshears
David Logan
Fred Leemans, Sr.
Alfred Moran
Capt. Henry Spicer
Ernesto Gonzales
L.P. Davies, Jr.
Charles Krop
Thomas Breitner
Dave Ferrie
Ken Elliot
Jules Ricco Kimble
Edward Girnus
Joe Newbrough
Betty Rubio
Herbert Wagner
James Laurent
Jim Louviere
Mrs. Carlos Marquez
Mary Morgan
Sandra Anderson
Edward James Whalen
Henry Burnell Clark
Mrs. June A. Rolfe

Evidence - Thornley

In February 1968, Kerry W. Thornley was arrested and charged with perjury for denying, during his February 8 Grand Jury testimony, that he associated with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans during the summer of 1963. To some Warren critics, Thornley's earlier and perjured testimony before the Warren Commission was instrumental in creating a false portrait of Oswald as a Marxist loner capable of killing a president. To Garrison critics like David Lifton, he was merely a victim of a witch hunt orchestrated by Garrison. The charges against Thornley were dropped by Garrison's successor, Harry Connick, Sr., before Thornley could be brought to trial.


Warren Commission Testimony


Kerry W. Thornley
Richard D. Call
Donald Camarata
Peter Connor
Nelson Delgado
John E. Donovan
Allen D. Graf
John R. Heindel
David C. Murray, Jr.
Mack Osborne
Daneil Powers
Henry J. Roussel

NODA Witnesses Against Thornley

Barbara Reid
Peter Deageano
Doris Dowell
Bernard Goldsmith
Jack Spencer

Other Documents Related to Thornley

Thornley's 1976 Affidavit to the HSCA
Excerpts from HSCA Volume 10 Dealing with Kerry Thornley

Articles and Analysis


The VIP Room Revisited: Compelling Evidence or Dubious Forgery?

The Big Picture

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March 18, 2001 - Bill Clinton: Leave Me Alone!
March 11, 2001 - No Easy Answers in School Shooting
March 04, 2001 - Lon Burnam and the Abolition of Heritage

Reader Input - Public Service

Everything in this category was contributed by visitors to the site or is included as a public service.

Regrouping - An Editorial by Edward Murch

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Other Documents and Files


November 25, 1963 - FBI Memo on Ferrie
November 25, 1963 - FBI Interview of David Ferrie
February 18, 1967 - NODA Interview of David Ferrie
March 7, 1968 - CIA Memo: Garrison and the Kennedy Assassination - Cubans and Other Latin Americans Allegedly Involved
April 9, 1968 - CIA Document on 544 Camp Street / Banister
April 9, 1968 - Harold Weisberg Interview with Tommy Baumler, Jack Burnside and Barbara Reid
Bud Fensterwald / J. Gary Shaw Interview with Tommy Baumler
Garrison's 30 Minute "Equal Time" Rebuttal to the NBC Special
Letter to Richard A. Sprague from Dimitri L. Contostavlos, M.D. on the Death of David Ferrie

Courtesy Arch Stanton, original court decisions authored by Judge Jim Garrison.

Herbert v. Huber - 1978 page 1 page 2
Dyna International Corporation v. Michael Mashburn - 1981 page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4
Pamela Falvora v. Joseph Falvora - 1980 page 1 page 2 (and Thibodeaux v. Schwegmann Bros. Supermarket) page 2 (and DeBoisblanc v. Moseley) page 2


Articles of the Era


Louisiana v. Clay Shaw


Louisiana v. Dean Andrews


Louisiana v. Kerry Thornley

May 31 and June 6, 1968: IS JIM GARRISON OUT OF HIS MIND? - David Lifton
May 31 and June 6, 1968: IS JIM GARRISON OUT OF HIS MIND? - Kerry Thornley


Recommended Reading


Davy, William. Through the Looking Glass: The Mysterious World of Clay Shaw (Self Published, 1995).
---. Let Justice Be Done: New Light on the Jim Garrison Investigation (Jordan Publishing, 1999). Official Homepage
DiEugenio, James. Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba and the Garrison Case (Sheridan Square Press, 1992).
Garrison, Jim. A Heritage of Stone (Berkley Publishing Corp, 1970).
---. On the Trail of the Assassins (Sheridan Square Press, 1988).
James, Rosemary and Wardlaw, Jack. Plot or Politics?: The Garrison Case & Its Cast (Pelican Publishing House, 1967).
Lambert, Patricia. False Witness: The Real Story of Jim Garrison's Investigation and Oliver Stone's Film JFK (M. Evans and Company, Inc., 1998).
Turner, William. Rearview Mirror (Penmarin Press, 2001).
Weisberg, Harold. Oswald in New Orleans (Canyon Books, 1967).
Vea, Peter. The Peter Vea Index: Chronology and Summaries of Files from the Garrison Investigation (CTKA, 1995).

Coming Soon

The manuscript for my first full-length book, In History's Shadow: Lee Harvey Oswald, Kerry W. Thornley & the Garrison Investigation, is finished. With a little bit of luck the book will be available in the second half of 2002.

Joan Mellen's biography of Jim Garrison is scheduled for release on November 22, 2003, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the assassination.

A note on availability: With the exception of Let Justice Be Done, the above books either out of print or in limited quantities. Luckily, as far as I know, all are available from The Last Hurrah Bookshop, a small bookstore specializing in hard-to-find political and conspiracy titles.


Online Articles

William Davy - LJBD Excerpt - "The Return of Lee Harvey Oswald"
---. Case Distorted: Posner, Connick and the New York Times
William Davy and James DiEugenio - False Witness: Aptly Titled
Gilles, Roger - Sophistic Analysis in JFK Assassination Rhetoric (excellent analysis of Garrison's book)
Martin Shackelford - Garrison's Case Finally Coming Together
Joan Mellen - False Witness: The JFK Assassination Revisited
Dave Reitzes - Who Speaks for Clay Shaw?
---. Impeaching Clinton

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