Texas Firework Stand

Texas's summer selling season is June 24th through July 4th.

Our holiday selling season is December 20th through January 1st.

I chose this fireworks chain to photograph because the owner did something unique. They offer a huge "block party" display pack, designed to be bought and shared by several families. Even the stand name was changed to recognize this item.
The contents of the big pack described above are on the upper shelf here. Two Chinese rocket packs, shell and mine-in-mortars (Texas made), repeating aerial cakes, reloadable shell packs and multi-tube fountains round out this impressive display assortment.
Repeating aerial cakes and reloadable small shell packs were the big sellers this season. The range of both items has increased considerably in the last few years.
Flash crackers and multi-tube fountains are shown here.
Smaller "family" assortments are available in several varieties and sizes, normally based on all aerial, all ground or a combination of the two, and how many noise items they contain.
More large aerial repeating cakes.
Finned missiles and rocket packs.
Some smaller items on the lower shelf, suitable to fire for small children to watch and enjoy.
A big view of approximately half of the single-piece items available for sale in this stand.
This was my choice for the best item I fired in 1998. Retooled with a stronger tube and larger base, this reload shell pack brings a return to the 12 shell pack, rather than the 6 most went to. All 12 shells are different effects, they were flawless and magnificent.

This is a picture of my pick for the best consumer firework pack for the 1999 American summer selling season. The mortar in this kit is a heavy PLASTIC mortar with a thick solid plastic base, somewhat like professional displays are fired with. There are many different effects in this pack and they are incredible. Goliath contains 12 single break round shells, 12 single break cylinder shells, 6 two-break round shells and 6 three-break round shells. They were an absolute delight to fire !!!!
To the left is a picture of the shell pack that caught my eye and I just HAD to buy. It contains 24 cannister shells and a heavy plastic mortar. Each of the 24 shells is a different effect. This was my best pick for 2000.