This first picture is courtesy of:

Thunder Effects Gullvivevagen 10. 430 94 Bohus Bjorko, Sweden.


I just had to show this one first, it is so eye-catching.

Amabilino Pyro Displays in based in London, England. In addition to high and low level display fireworks, Amabilino Pyro Displays features pyrotechnic lancework set pieces, such as this beautiful owl.

Amabilino photo.

These next 5 photos are from Dennis Verduijn in The Netherlands.

This display was fired on the beach at Scheveningen.

Marvelous tails and shells from the South East Asia Games opening ceremony display.
Dennis Verduijn comes through again with these four marvelous views of the 2000 European Fireworks Championship Competition.

Here's a spectacular red strobe shell that I am sure brings plenty of OHHHs and AHHHs.

Courtesy of G.C. Pyrotechnics in Australia.

Visit their web site by clicking HERE.

These three superb photos are from Marshall and Susan Willey. Their web site, with many more firework photos, is available by clicking HERE.