Texas Fireworks Super Store

Texas Giant Fireworks

Texas Giant Fireworks is open for retail sales during both of the Texas selling seasons. It is located at Exit 415 of Interstate 20, a few miles east of Weatherford, Texas. I was able to photograph the exterior and interior of this new business to my heart's content, so I can show it to you in the photos below. This place is huge, and air-conditioned too! Trust me, it's the biggest fireworks store I have ever been in, by far, over 6000 square feet. Check out the fireworks I saw and drooled over, below.

This is it! Greg and Lee Gilder bring a fireworks super store to north Texas that truly has the size and capacity to take care of many customers at once.

To the left of the Texas Giant Fireworks Super Center is Plains Wholesale, their wholesale fireworks operation.

Shoppers see four of these unique fireworks light-show lights at the entrance to the spacious, fully paved parking lot.
Once inside, buyers see the large central display area shown here. Almost the entire perimeter of the massive room is completely stocked with fireworks too. Colorful dragons help make Texas Giant a festive place to shop.
I could have taken dozens of photos like this and still not covered the entire show room. From top to bottom, large reloadable shell packs, specialty tube items, repeaters, firecrackers and many other items are available.
Finale racks, giant mortar items, more repeaters, firecrackers, unique items and reloadable shell packs are featured here.
Mortar items, repeaters, and dozens of other fireworks and firecracker choices are shown here.
Huge reloadable shell packs are above an area where fireworks memorabilia is available for purchase.
Close-up of a large night display assortment pack.
Rolls of 4000 and 2000 flashcrackers are available, as well as many smaller sizes of packs. Other brands are available, including Black Cat.
New for 2002, reloadable mortars with four-break shells. I never thought I would see the day when we could all enjoy firing 1.75 inch shells that give four different color breaks from one shell.
Also new for 2002, here's a cake that fires 10 four-break shells. That's forty breaks of color. What a finale this firework will make. This cake is HUGE, I have waste baskets smaller than this thing.
Many sizes of family assortment packs are available at Texas Giant Fireworks.
Tracey helped me find the items I wanted. As usual, I got several reloadable shell packs, fountains, cakes and other items. What I wanted was there, in plenty of varieties and plenty of sizes. For more information about Texas Giant, visit their web site at www.texasgiantfireworks.com.

Photo by Shawn O'Meara.

Just like a big grocery store, a supercenter must have plenty of computerized checkout lines to take care of the large number of customers. Ashley, Amanda and others are ready to get you on your way quickly with those pyrotechnic goodies you are anxious to light.

Thank you Lee and Greg Gilder, for allowing me to add photos of your fantastic Super Store to my web site. Your place will impress everyone as much as it did me, I'm sure.