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The Broadbanded Copperhead
(Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus)
The copperhead is a small hemotoxic reptile classed closely with the water moccasin. The Broad-Banded subspecies is found in western/central Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas living in both lowlands and hilly areas.
It is characterized by the rich "new penny" copper colors with wide alternating bands that extend completely around even the underside.

They exhibit a tenacious personality when approached and are extremely well camouflaged in nature so that they are usually quite close at hand when finally spotted by those in the field.

Their overall color can vary considerably. They are most beautiful when recently shed and can be expected to be seen in gardens, flower beds, and around houses, preferring to eat small rodents and frogs attracted to the dampness in these areas.
Copperheads must be considered a dangerous pest for rural families where many painful bites occur each year.

Due to their usual small size, the copperhead's bite is rarely fatal. Most adults of this type range in size from about 18 to 26 inches in length. Specimens in excess of 36 inches are rare.

These snakes even at birth are equipped with a well formed advanced venom delivery system which causes very painful bites. Babies, like all hemotoxic snakes, look like miniature duplicates of the adult in every way. Typically, a bright yellow or lime green tail tip is seen on the young.


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