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Where can I learn more about snakes to help ease my fears or understand them better?


There are numerous sources good for learning about snakes. Libraries, book stores, magazines, and the like represent great sources to obtain valid source data. There are many good works on snakes. Each must be evaluated based upon the level of current knowledge of the reader and the intent or goal of the learning effort. If field identification is the primary need, then Field Guide type books with ready reference sections, color photos, scientific nomenclature, and so forth are the answer. If entertainment is primary, then the focus changes to a different treatment of snakes. While the sources are many, each must be utilized for what it offers and from where it comes. Like in many fields, there is a complete range of material from most valid to complete bunk! The reader or viewer is left to decide the success of the experience based upon their own personal gains or application success. The Ranch where this web site is maintained has produced many sources of materials, including video tapes, audio tapes, books, monograph series, photo booklets, and the like. You may choose some field-based, interesting and educational materials from our order form and enjoy a lot of pleasure as well as useful learning experiences from these sources. We are just completing a new book entitled 101 of the Most Often Asked Questions About Snakes. It is presented in a format much like these above, but with much greater detail and cross references within answers. You may check the order form and receive one of the early autographed collector's copies! Everyone should learn more about snakes as these are among the most fascinating and yet feared of all creatures on Earth!


Happy Trails!



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