How to Snake Proof Your Yard!

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I've got kids and pets. How can I keep snakes out of my yard?


Snakes are blessed with the ability to go just about anywhere they please. Typical yard fencing rarely even slows them down. There are a few tricks, though, that will make your yard and home less attractive to them.

Dogs and cats are naturally well suited to dealing with snakes and all but the very young snakes usually recognize this fact. The mere presence of a dog or cat in the yard, and their associated odors, will often discourage a snake from venturing into your pet's "territory" (marked well by their own natural chemicals.) Snakes see the household pet as a predator and will prefer to avoid them if possible.

You can also treat your yard with other "natural" chemicals. The most common is garden variety powdered sulfur. The reason this method is effective is not completely understood but it is probably due to the fact that snakes "taste" the air with their tongues and find the odor of sulfur very "distasteful". This method is also effective as a tick and flea repellent for those cats and dogs mentioned above.

Also, any noxious smelling SAFE substance (i.e., old style naphthalene mothballs) will discourage any ground crawling animals, including snakes, from the treated area. If at all possible, be sure to use environmentally friendly chemicals. Always consider children, pets, and livestock before dispensing any such chemicals. Rainfall will diminish the effectiveness of these treatments.

Remember that beneficial snakes are going to be repelled as well as the species deemed undesirable. This factor should be considered in your overall plan of action.

Finally, try to keep your yard free of "shelter". Piles of leaves, brush, old lumber, rocks, and the like are perfect for snakes and will also attract the vermin that snakes naturally feed upon.

Happy Trails!



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