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Film & Movie Industry

Focus on Snakes

Because most people have a strong and deep rooted fear or fascination with snakes, Hollywood has added the presence of scary reptiles into many action films. The mere visible image of these creatures in action leaves its mark on audiences and links that film to snakes forever in the minds of viewers. Almost every conceivable application has been made of snakes in various movies. Everyone remembers the many horror scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The complete line of Indiana Jones series ( Temple of Doom, etc. ) utilizes snakes to impart the aura of fear and danger. Who can forget the scenes of western action films where bites, strikes, terror, and bravery in the face of death itself come screaming from the silver screen. John Wayne, Billy Jack, Chuck Norris, and a host of cowboys and heroes faced snakes in their lives!
Recently, Woody Harrelson, in a far cry from Cheers, and Juliette Lewis waded through piles of venomous, fully loaded rattlesnakes in Natural Born Killers! Bayou Bob was there! This Oliver Stone action thriller was filmed on location near Gallup, New Mexico and employed the Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch Staff as the Snake Wranglers. We set up many scenes and thoroughly coached the actors on reacting to the closeness of the rattlers. There are many exciting stories to share about this particular feature and the work with some top stars in some very compromising relationships with their snake co-stars!
Another recent role for the staff of the Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch was the technical support and advice on the construction of the fantastic "robo-snake" used in Maverick, since Mel Gibson wanted no part of such close work with a live rattler.
Many movie and television plots have certainly used the alluring aspect of either hate or danger that snakes guarantee to bring out!
Local, Regional, and National documentaries often feature snakes in educational or outdoor interest parts. Bayou Bob has worked with National Geographic film crews, Discovery Channel, USA Today, the TV show Outdoor Trails, and many other efforts to depict the snake in American life. The fact that these cold-blooded creatures stir the imagination and conjure up the worst fears known to man makes them an interesting part of our past, present, and future. Their role in films, television, videos and the like is assured forever to set the stage for a wide range of emotions. Directors know full well that few people are truly neutral when it comes to snakes. Weaving these critters into a slithery plot becomes a clear positive factor for that special feeling needed in the final product! We've had a great time being a part of these developments.

See you in the MOVIES!


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