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Brand New!
Sensational Audio Cassette!
Learn the Secrets!

The Direct Knowledge
to rid snakes from:

  • Yards
  • Campsites
  • Playgrounds
  • Homes
  • Garages
  • Outbuildings
  • Barns
  • Well Houses
  • Virtually Anywhere!
A TRUE VALUE - Listen just once while driving to work or sitting in your favorite easy chair and you'll know what to do NEXT!  

Learn All the Critical "HOW TO's"
Directly from an Expert !

  • How to recognize danger signs!
  • How to move snakes along to other areas!
  • How to keep snakes away from your personal space!
  • How to recognize potential snake habitat!
  • How to be safe in using chemical repellents!
  • How to keep areas safe for children & pets!
  • How to avoid venomous bites!


(Includes shipping & handling)

Order yours TODAY and be safe TOMORROW!


Send $8 check or money order to:

Brazos Snake Ranch
PO Box 1655 H
Weatherford, TX 76086


This very useful audio cassette stems from an overwhelming request for information directly from our web site and video audiences. In response to the often expressed concern of dealing with snakes encroaching into yards, homes, garages, outbuildings, playgrounds, etc., we have developed this helpful tape.

Hear about the things we inadvertently do to attract snakes! Learn how to counteract this process and discourage snake encounters where we don't want them to occur! Lessen the dangers of snakes being close to humans where contact can lead to catastrophe!

This hour long 'how to' audio covers all the bases for you. Find out the critical tips to avoiding a poisonous snake confrontation and learn the secrets of forcing snakes to keep their distance! This tape is a must for homes with children present, suburban sprawl homes, gardeners, country living, and a host of other common situations where we just do not want snakes to come around. At our Ranch Headquarters in Texas, guests and visitors tell us some almost unbelievable stories of frightening experiences with unwanted snakes at their homes. These have occurred in very unlikely locations and seem common throughout America.

We believe the time has come to provide direct technical assistance on this urgent matter for home owners, city officials, outdoor construction workers, and everyone who must be active where snakes may be present. Stop the fear and deal with the unknown! Make snakes leave you alone and stay away! Hear directly from avid naturalist, Bayou Bob, on the many things we can do to protect our personal areas from dangerous reptiles!

There is absolutely no reason to ever fear the great outdoors in this country when it comes to snakes! Get your copy today and be more confident tomorrow!

On sale now for only $8 including shipping and handling costs! Check out our handy order form attached here at our web site, or send your $8 pre-payment to:

Brazos Snake Ranch
PO Box 1655 H
Weatherford, Texas 76086

We guarantee that you will personally profit from this knowledge! This audio is brand new, very useful, and we will rush your copy today!


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